Grimoire Page Planner and Worksheets

I started my own grimoire a while ago and I now have a second. Not because I was so productive that I quickly filled up the first but because I was so disorganized and messy that I quickly made the first look like a shabby notebook.

This messy grimoire is actually very helpful to me as it is my 'going along' record of events; ideas for spells, incantations, a sigil and symbol key I am developing and other random bits. However ... what it is not is the beautiful, crafty, whimsical, arty Grimoire I had been dreaming about creating. Hence I now have a second one ... a second one with a single page completed. Where am I going wrong?

Time is a factor of course but mainly ... where do I begin?

This is why I was so happy when talented ink artist and seriously organized Adriel Sherman came onto my radar! Adriel has very kindly agreed to allow me to share their wonderful Grimoire Planning worksheets along with some blanks which you can download for your own use. My site doesn't allow downloads but you can download them via Pinterest. Please pop along to Adriel's Instagram page, give it a follow, say hi and enjoy their many other wonderful artworks.

FREE Grimoire Page Planners By Adriel Sherman - download via Pinterest

To download, pin the image and then you can download via your Pinterest. Not for commercial use and credit to Adriel Sherman with a live link to her Instagram Page when sharing.

If you have any ideas for planning your Grimoire pages, please share them in comments or message me via my FaceBook page WizzyWitchy

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