Pretty Girly Bedroom Ideas

Be inspired by these trending pretty girly bedroom themes new for 2021

pretty girly designs small bedroom ideas

1. Big Girls Fairy Theme

This deep pink fairy-themed bedroom is clearly for an older pretty girly and is very subtle in the girly details! The striking fairy decal on the bedroom feature wall draws the eye and holds it there. The splash of color on the fairy dress along with the colors in the wall art are the only other colors in the room. You would not be blamed for missing the very girly lights on the left-hand wall. Small blush pink white and chocolate brown ball lights in a string, creating a decoration as well as ambient lighting. The rest of the decor is demure, deep pink, rustic rose. quite a grown-up theme. It is ideal for a student who isn't quite ready to let go of the magic of childhood.

pretty girly designs small bedroom ideas

2. Period Drama Vintage Chic

Pretty girly fans who love period dramas and all things vintage chic will love this antique girly bedroom theme. Easy to recreate by sourcing vintage pattern bed linen and curtains. And if you don't have a brass bed frame, see if you can acquire a brass-colored bed head, headboard from a thrift store, scrap merchants. Someone's rubbish is another person's treasure!

pretty girly designs small bedroom ideas

3. Girly Quote Decor For The Girl Nextdoor

A more modern way to make your bedroom super girly is to add some girly quote decorations and accessories! Check out this cute selection via our Pretty Girly design Redbubble store.

pretty girly designs small bedroom ideas

pretty girly designs small bedroom ideas

4. Accessorize to switch it up a notch

Accessorise is the theme of this pretty girly bedroom theme. It isn't about the decor or the furnishings it is about those small little touches and your favorite things that you add to the room to make it feel like yours. Cute bears, pretty patterned hat boxes for storage, flowers in a lovely big vase. Collect your pieces over time and you will love and treasure each one. Much nicer than furnishing your room in one go with items bought from the same store. They may look great but they lack personality and they do not scream YOU.

pretty girly designs small bedroom ideas

5. Tiny Home Tiny Details

Even the smallest space can be made to look pretty girly! This tiny home bedroom looks pretty girly with a simple splash of baby pink bedding, curtains, and matching soft toys. Young girls will adore their tiny home and their girly bedroom. You can make your own vintage camper-style bunting using bits of leftover fabric from unused clothing, table linen, bedding. Add some artificial flower garlands and you have an adorable wall decoration for over the beds or around a window, Tiny flower patterns, such as red cherry, or cherry blossoms rather than big bold prints work better in a space as tiny as this.

pretty girly designs small bedroom ideas

6. The Magic of Matching

This pretty girly bedroom is for the older girl, she is no longer a teenager and is ready to put down roots of her own. The trending pink, teal and gold feature in the wallpaper, bedding, wall art, and table decor. It has a slightly impersonal feel due to the matchy matchy of it all, but if you like neat and orderly, as well as pretty girly this could be your bedroom style!

Show us your pretty girly bedroom ideas.

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