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Over at PrettyGirlyDesign™ we love all things pink, furry, glitter and why not? Cute is comforting and comfortable! Kick off your heels and slip into some furry sliders. I have some, they are perfect indoors and outdoors! I feel feminine, I feel comfy and I can still carry myself with style and confidence and why not?

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The new buzz word for pretty girly fashion is 'soft'. A Soft Girl likes pink, she likes bows, she likes lipgloss and she loves comfy animal-themed onesies!

Soft girl is the new power house for teen and adult female fashion. Why is soft girly fashion trending now? Soft girl is trending on TikTok and every new social media platform as the western world tunes in to what we already knew about girly fashion. Soft girl style says comfort, it says freedom, it reminds us of our younger selves. We are reconnecting with the child within. Something we should all do from time to time, throw off the shackles of adult responsibility. We have all the time ahead of us to 'grow old' doesn't mean we have to dress old. Meanwhile if boys want to rock the soft boy (s0ftboi) look and redefine what is masculine, they can do that too. There should not be any rules regarding which gender wears what color, what fabric, and what pattern. Who made up those rules anyway?

pretty girly designs softgirl fashion harajuku

Don't let anyone dictate to you your style, not the fashion media, not your peers and not your great aunt Mabel. You want to do outstanding hair color or shave it all off, it is your body, your choice. That is what being a grown-up should really be about. Finally getting to decide for yourself what you look like, what you wear, and how you wear it.

Where did Soft Girl fashion come from?

Who got this soft girly fashion for adults started? I know the answer to this one. Harajuku in Japan (years ago) was rocking this style, all things kawaii, cute, pastel, hair clips, dreamy, rainbows and unicorns.

It was almost a decade ago I created PinkyP my Pretty Girly chibi character to celebrate this exact style of fashion. So it has taken the West how many years to catch up?

Gwen Stefani was doing this look as far back as 2004.

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